Value Creation for Stakers

Value creation for the holders

UniFarm is a community-driven product. Our offering ensures immense value creation for users who stake any token on UniFarm.

Value Creation for Token Stakers

1. Stake ONE, Farm MANY Tokens

Unlike traditional farming, where you stake a token and get the same one, on UniFarm you stake a token of your choice and get a bunch of good project tokens. This means returns are automatically diversified. We thoroughly vet the projects before they're added to the cohort to maintain the platform's integrity.

2. Minimum Guaranteed APY

Each cohort of UniFarm has its own limits for APY. This gives the stakers surety of earning a good yield on their tokens. You can read more about how APY is calculated here.

3. Completely Decentralized

When users are staking on UniFarm, they're directly interacting with the smart contract using their self custodian wallets (such as MetaMask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, etc.). The decentralization removes a single point of failure and gives the users confidence and security. To ensure complete security, we regularly get our contracts audited.

4. Easy to Use

Most of the DeFi applications out there are too complex to be scalable for the masses. UniFarm offers a simple user interface with a great user experience offering a one-click stake and unstake facility.

5. One Place to Farm

Users no longer have to go on various platforms or exchanges to farm different tokens. UniFarm enables them to farm tokens in one place. At the time of writing this whitepaper, UniFarm currently supports the farming of 17 top DeFi projects.

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