Risks & Limitations

1. Security

In maths, we trust. When it comes to decentralized finance, we all rely on the code itself instead of a central authority. While this is one of the major advantages of blockchain, this also serves as a Risk. In the past, we have seen millions of dollars being wiped away from the market due to vulnerabilities in the smart contract. While we regularly audit the smart contract with external parties, it is important to understand the risks associated with it.

2. High Gas Fee

UniFarm is currently on ethereum, and at the time of writing this whitepaper, the cost of gas is very high. This poses a risk to the actual APY that the user is able to earn (since they spend on gas as well). We're going to solve this by moving to other chains (such as BSC) as well as side-chains (such as Polygon) for low gas or gas-free experience.

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