Use Cases

$UFARM Token Use Cases

1. Governance

$UFARM is the governance token for UniFarm platform. We're working on converting it into an independent SaaS offering so developers and projects can build unique offerings for the different pools. All protocol-level changes shall be governed by voting using $UFARM tokens.

2. Staking

$UFARM token will be part of all major cohorts, enabling token holders to stake $UFARM tokens and earn a bunch of other high-quality project tokens at a good APY.

3. Premium Pools

UniFarm would be launching several premium pools and offerings, which would be available to $UFARM token holders on a TIER structure.

4. Premium Offerings

UniFarm is collaborating with several platforms, launchpads, wallets, and service providers to synergies with them for issuing tickets, etc. This would be made available to $UFARM token holders on a TIER structure.

5. Add-ons Access

UniFarm is working on adding several add-ons (such as on-chain insurance, NFT farming, etc.). These would be made available to $UFARM token holders for a TIER structure.

6. Paying Fees

As we move towards a SaaS model, all premium features would be accessible to developers and projects by paying fees in $UFARM tokens. Essentially, it would be the utility token for building on UniFarm.

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