Value Creation for Projects
The entire crypto ecosystem is in a nascent stage right now. Several startups are trying to make their mark and build amazing offerings. UniFarm helps them with many major pain points.

Once a project is onboarded on UniFarm, their token holders can stake the tokens and get many other good project tokens at high APY. This creates a new utility for the token.

The gamification framework on UniFarm ensures demand creation for the token. The APY works inversely with the pool strength. If there is a project that does not have a lot of stakers, it means the APY would be very high, making it attractive for the investors to buy and stake this token and also get multiple other tokens as rewards.

For each UniFarm cohort, a bunch of projects comes together to create a pool, which means their communities come together as well. UniFarm's marketing team does a lot of cross-marketing across these communities, ensuring each token and project gets a new set of prospects. This also gives projects opportunities to build synergies with other projects that are part of the cohort.

When there's a major unlock coming up for a project, both the team and the community are worried about the high sell pressure. UniFarm can help projects set up targeted farms to ensure the unlocked supply does not hit the market and offer the token holders a better avenue instead.

All the gamification frameworks on UniFarm are built to ensure long-term holders for the project.
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Value Creation for Projects
1. Creating a Utility for their Token
2. Creating a Demand for Their Token
3. Access to New Set of Investors
4. Easing the Sell Pressure
5. Creating Long Term Holders