Breathable Economy

Planning for Scale

For any economy to survive, there has to be contraction and expansion. Most of the world's economies work on this principle, and hence they're able to scale and last.

UniFarm works on a similar model.

Contraction: Buy Back & Lock

UniFarm charges fees from projects that join cohorts. 25% of this fee shall be used to buy back $UFARM tokens and lock them up on the chain for 12 months.

Not only will this ensure a steady contraction but also provide the stability needed to scale.

After 12 months, the tokens shall move to the treasury. Unlike the traditional startup world, where there are Series A/B/C/D funding rounds available for scaling, we need to ensure that treasury is well-capitalized to effectively scale for a token economy. By locking up the tokens and then moving to treasury provides us with this capability.

Expansion: Farming

50% of the $UFARM tokens are reserved for farming. This is how $UFARM would be made available to various cohorts. This will ensure a steady supply of tokens over time.

The expanding economy will help us prevent any massive price movements or pumps-and-dumps.

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