Problem Statements

Faced by Startups and Investors

1. Token Price Fluctuation

While building a startup, the team has to worry about countless things, including building, marketing, finding product-market fit, hiring the right resources, testing, auditing, taxes, churn, etc. Add to it the burden of a token's price falling, and everything turns to chaos.

The community narrative changes, people start FUDing, etc. Startups have to deploy sizeable resources to control this and figure out ways to control further damage.

Solution: UniFarm creates a utility for the tokens. By creating a pool with UniFarm, startups enable a new utility for their tokens, which is that now it can be staked to earn a bunch of other tokens as rewards. Since tokens are now getting staked, they are removed from the trading supply giving startups breathing space to focus on other aspects.

2. Creating a Demand For the Token

Most of the activities that startups do, such as partnerships, marketing, PR, product releases, social media marketing, etc., are geared towards creating demand for their offering and token. Since there are literally thousands of startups fighting for the same space, this can be an uphill battle.

Solution: UniFarm brings together an entire group of good startups to form a cohort. We do aggressive marketing of each TOKEN across various communities of the cohort, making sure each gets access to a newer set of investors. The gamification framework on UniFarm ensures that if few users are staking, the APY is very high (250% to 350%), encouraging investors to stake more tokens, thereby creating a demand for it. UniFarm also guarantees a minimum APY to ensure value creation for stakers.

3. Pump and Dump

Good Startups want to stay far away from any pump and dump schemes because they are in this for the long haul. Artificial price inflation has only a very short-term benefit but can cause massive issues in the long run.

The easiest way to lose the trust of the community and early backers is by getting even remotely associated with Pump-and-Dump schemes.

Solution: UniFarm‘s gamification framework is designed to encourage users to stake tokens and stay in the pool for a longer duration. The longer they stay in, the more rewards they earn. The framework also encourages new investors to join in the tokens, creating demand and ensuring a reduction in the number of tokens available for trading.

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